We are a slightly-crazy group of artists who also love business. We combined our two loves of creative artistic expression and financial freedom into one dynamic location we lovingly call Victory Plaza.

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Bozana Cavar

Bozana is our Queen Bee. She's a creative genius and serial entrepreneur. She's also SAG-AFTRA actress with extensive film and television roles. She's a powerhouse real estate agent as well! She's our very own Superwoman.

The Reverend

Yes that's his real legal name! The Reverend is our resident mad scientist. He's kinda crazy and we love him for it. He's a marketing and business creative genius who's created eight-figure businesses in 5 different industries. 

Paul Beck

Paul, our GI Joe, is the guy that makes sure stuff gets done around here. He's also our in house still photographer. He's a creative genius in his own right and has a strong military leadership background. Paul makes things happen!


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